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Contact Serena for a Personal Audio/Video

Feel free to get in touch, and let me know how you feel about my little endeavoure. It's my first time. I read every email personally.


Serena Comes Once
Get one of Serena's hottest Fantasy for only $9.99. A story that will let your imagination run free for days. Oh my!
Serena Comes For A Year
Get a Serena audio/video fantasy  once a month. She'll express her dirty thoughts in her world of different sexual fantasies all year long. A savings of $20.
Heard of a Singing Telegram?
Send Someone Special that Personal Audio.
Serena will do a personal audio aimed toward you or anyone you please. Boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, kinky friend, birthday or anniversary or whatever? (Please allow 2-4 days on this)  

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